FTC offers an excellent affiliate program which is one of the first of its kind in the cryptocurrency sector. Our affiliate program offers excellent opportunities for you to refer investors and earn money as a reward. Whether you are looking for a new career or simply to earn additional income, we have affiliate options to suit you.


Becoming an affiliate for FTC is simple and we provide all the tools you need to succeed. Here are some of the ways you can become an affiliate:

It’s easy to become an affiliate and the FTC team will automatically send you a referrals link when you open a new account.

There are 2 commission reward programs as shown in the table below. These are CPA and Special Commissions.

20% of your total commission will be paid in BTC, ETH and USD based on the investments of the introduced investors whilst 80% will be paid in FTC

FTC provides weekly payments to affiliates

Special Commissions are calculated on the total investment made by all referrals.

CPA rewards are based activations. Introduced customers need to have at least 200 FTC within their wallet.

It mean to get one investors as an activation: the introduced customers must have at least 200 FTC within their accounts
Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

Five Affiliate Levels

There are five affiliate levels at FTC which means that from the minute you become an FTC client you can enjoy five levels of referral rewards.

When you join FTC you will automatically be sent a referral link to introduce others.

Introduce anyone and when they open a new account, they will also have an introducer link.

This process can continue five times for numerous sub affiliates and you can reap the rewards.

Each level will be set as a default with a decreased commission from the first level.

Special Commissions and CPA rewards are not applied for sub-affiliates.

Special Commission for Affiliate/Partner During Presale Phase II (16/02/2018 - 18/04/2018)

Total amount of FTC that the customers of partner buy for the past month %commission paid in FTC tokens Note
200 - 29.999 20% - 80% of total commissions will be paid in FTC
- 20% of total commission will be paid in cryptocurrencies or Fiat Money (EUR, USD, etc) based on the invesment made by Introduced Investors
>30.000 25%
Commissions per Activation This will be paid by US Dollar
1 - 9 Accounts 1.5$ Per account
10 - 29 Accounts 2.5$ Per account
30 - 99 Accounts 3$ Per account
> 99 Accounts 4$ Per account