[Guide]How To Access Your Account With New Website

Dear Customers

Because of the change of website and for security purpose, all registered investors must reset password to get back to your account.

The steps to reset your password:

1, Go To “Login” section and select “Forgot Password”
2, Type in your email (the email you have registered before) and click on “Send Password Reset Link”
3, Access your email, open our email and click on the link to “Reset your password”
4, Enter your email and new password in the new window opened.
5, Login Again.

For few clients who couldn’t access their accounts, we apologize for the inconvenience. Our system was still on synchronized but it is ready now with all old account. Please do the steps above to access your again!

Here instruction for how to reset password. Please read carefully and feel free to send us email [email protected] or send us message Telegram Our team will try to respond as soon as possible.

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FinTech Coins Team.