At FinTech Coins (FTC) we understand that prior to investing, you may have some questions. We have provided answers to the most common questions below to assist you in getting started. If your question does not appear below, please contact the team.

To open new account with FinTech Coins (FTC), you can simple click on “Register” button. Then all you need to do is to fill in your name, email and phone number with your country as well.
Then we will send an email to your email with a password send by us (the password has only 15 minutes available so please be sure to login your account with this password.
You can change your password when login again next time.
No. We don’t ask you to reveal your identity to us since we don’t ask for any documents from you.
We are now only accepted by payment by cryptocurrencies such as: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Zcach (ZCH), DASH.
For more information on what kind of cryptocurrency we are accepted please contact our support team for more information: [email protected].
To buy in FTC, you can Login your account and see the option on Dashboard. It will be either in Cryptocurrencies or in other payment methods which we will update from time to time to you.
With cryptocurrencies you can choose the amount you want to buy, the system will automatically calculate the amount of FinTech Coins (FTC) you will receive with bonus (if it has) as well as the amount you will pay with maybe some discount if you are on our Pre-ICO.
For more information on other methods of payments please contact us at: [email protected]
You can access your FinTech Coins (FTC) account simply by either click on “Login” on the top right of the page if you are at the homepage then enter your user name or email as well as your password to access your account.
And if you haven’t created an account yet, you just need to click on Sign In.
In the profile, you can see all the information you have been given to us such as: email, name, telephone. Besides you can add more email, mobile or Ethereum wallet address here as you want.
We also let you control of your security by 2 factor authentications. You can make it available and we will send you a security code to your email for each time you login your account.
You can also see your transaction history with all the details of your transaction such as: Date, transaction ID, amount of transaction, etc.
You can change your personal details by just click on “Edit” button bellows “Your Profile” on your Account Page.
Of course, you can.
In fact, you will need an Ethereum Wallet before receiving our FinTech Coins (FTC) tokens.
To add FinTech Coins (FTC) to your wallet just add our contract ID to your wallet and you can see how much FinTech Coins (FTC) you have on each of the wallet.
We specifically have instruction document on how to create new wallet from myetherwallet.com and how to send us your public address to receive FinTech Coins (FTC) tokens in your wallet account.
You can see the instruction here
If you already have a public address for your Ethereum Wallet please send us your public address or the QR code of your wallet.
Yes, we are always ready to help you. Here is the instruction guide in pdf you can find with each step explaining to you and they are available in English.
How to create new myetherwallet.com
Send and Receive FinTech Coins (FTC) tokens from myetherewallet.com
Besides you can contact us anytime at: [email protected]
After you have FinTech Coins (FTC) on your Ethereum wallet, you can transfer and receive FinTech Coins (FTC) directly from your wallet. You can send us your Ethereum Wallet Public Address by click on the button “Add Address” you can find on Your Profile, then fill in your Ethereum Wallet Public Address so that we can send to that address your FinTech Coins (FTC) tokens. Please note that we only need your Public Address not your Private Address of Ethereum Wallet. Keep your Private Address secure. After confirmation we will send FinTech Coins (FTC) tokens to your account within 5 days.
For more information on how to do it just watch our instruction documents bellows:
How to create new myetherwallet.com
Send and Receive FinTech Coins (FTC) tokens from myetherewallet.com
Or you can just send us your public address to our email: [email protected]. We will send it to you as soon as we check your account for confirmation.
Yes, there are. But it will be changeable and we will always show the minimum and maximum amount to you before you buy FinTech Coins (FTC) token from your account.
You don’t need any FinTech Coins (FTC) to become our affiliate. Just send to your friends and enjoy our affiliate program which is available here: https://ftccoins.org/en/affiliates
You can contact us at: [email protected] or giving your comments and even sending pictures and videos of your comments to us at “Contact Us” at the end of every pages of our website. Your comments are always welcome and we will try our best to answer you as soon as possible!
FinTech Coins (FTC) token is an ERC20 Ethereum Based Token which was developed by FinTech Coins (FTC) Team. FinTech Coins (FTC) token information: Name: FinTech Coins; Contract address: 0xe6f74dcfa0E20883008d8C16b6d9a329189D0C30; Symbol: FTC; Decimals: 2