Brian Ng.


Brian is currently the COO of FTC. Brian holds a banking and finance degree from the university of Sunderland and an MBA with major in marketing from the University of Nicosia. Brian is a cryptocurrency enthusiast and has long experience with bitcoin and ethereum blockchain.

Konstantin Ng.

Vice Director

Konstatin is vice director of FTC. He is a fintech and cryptocurrency researcher. He has a long time of learning this industry and also has a pretty good knowledge of cryptocurrency market.

Ivan Popov

Director of Technology

Ivan Popov is a Technology expert who has been involved with the ethereum blockchain since its early stages. Ivan currently lives in Ukraine works as a research analyst focusing his research on fintech and blockchain.


Micheal N.


Micheal is a Finance industry veteran who holds an MBA degree from UoN. Micheal has been involved as an investor in several cryptocurrency projects in the last 5 years and has long professional experience with the Asian Pasific and European Regions.

Ragap Ali

Bussiness Advisor

Ragap Ali is an expert in finance investing. Ragap has more than 15 years’ experience in the business industry and has been working extensively with financial business investors.

Andreas Georgiou

Marketing Advisor

Andreas Georgiou is a Co-Founder and Director of the leading digital marketing agency “Convertico Media”. Andreas is a Google certified digital marketing specialist and a web technologies expert with 8+ years’ experience on websites, search engines, digital media, marketing strategies, online advertising campaigns and conversion funnels.