Terms And Conditions

I. These Token Acquisition Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: “Terms”) have been prepared by Kleio Group Ltd. solely for use by prospective purchasers to whom Kleio Group Ltd. is offering (the “Offering”) the opportunity to purchase the right to acquire in the future, pursuant to a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (hereinafter: “SAFT”), digital utility tokens to be used in an independent marketplace having a smart contract depository, which records all trading and non-trading transactions in blockchain, the marketplace being designed to become a single standardized system for monitoring and resolving disputes between traders and brokers, and aiming at reducing the possibility of misuse of funds by brokers (hereinafter: “FinTech Coins System”), the FinTech Coins System to be developed, produced, and offered by Incorporated (hereinafter: “FinTech Coins tokens”). Unless the context requires otherwise, in this Terms the terms “FinTech Coins,” “FTC,” “we,” “us” and “our” refer to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Incorporated, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines corporation, and its subsidiaries, and all dollar ($) amounts set forth herein refer to United States dollars.

II. The offering period will expire on the earlier to occur of:

1. the date on which the maximum sale amount has been paid for and accepted by, and a final sale closing is conducted, or

2. April 18, 2018, unless extended by up to twenty (20) days in the discretion of Kleio Group Ltd..

3. This Offering has not been registered or qualified under the securities laws of any jurisdiction anywhere in the world. It is being offered and sold only in jurisdictions where such registration or qualification is not required, including pursuant to applicable exemptions that generally limit the purchasers who are eligible to purchase a SAFT and that restrict its resale. To the best knowledge of Kleio Group Ltd., this Offering presumes a simple sale of future digital assets called FinTech Coins tokens, whereby Kleio Group Ltd becomes bound to the Purchasers thereof solely to the extent of being obliged to provide the product and/or a service called Kleio Group Security System in a reasonably foreseeable future. Purchasing a FinTech Coins token involves a high degree of risk, see “Risk Factors” starting on page 7, as the product and/or service is not available at the time of sale of the FinTech Coins tokens. This Offering may be governed by consumer protection laws in jurisdictions where such regulation is applicable. This Terms does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, a SAFT or FinTech Coins token in any jurisdiction in which it is unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation. Neither the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission nor any other federal, state or foreign regulatory authority has approved the purchase of the SAFTs or the FinTech Coins tokens. Furthermore, no such authority has confirmed the accuracy or determined the adequacy of this Terms. Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense.

Each recipient hereof acknowledges and agrees:

1. that the information herein constitutes proprietary and confidential information of Kleio Group Ltd.,

2. to maintain the same in strict confidence, and

3. to use the same only for the purpose of considering whether to purchase the right to acquire FinTech Coins tokens.
This Terms may not be reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, or the contents disclosed, by the recipient to any other person, without the prior written consent of Kleio Group Ltd.. The existence and nature of all conversations regarding Kleio Group Ltd. and this Offering must also be kept confidential. This Terms may contain a summary of the SAFT, the FinTech Coins tokens and certain other documents referred to herein. However, these summaries do not purport to be complete and are subject to and qualified in their entirety by reference to the actual text of the relevant document, copies of which will be provided to purchasers upon request. Each prospective purchaser should review these documents for complete information. Kleio Group Ltd. reserves the right to modify the terms of the offering, the SAFTs and the FinTech Coins tokens described in this Terms, and the SAFTs are offered subject to Kleio Group Ltd. ability to reject any commitment in whole or in part. Prior to purchasing FinTech Coins tokens via SAFTs, a prospective purchaser is required to consult with its own legal, financial, tax, accounting, and other advisors regarding the applicable limitations on purchasers who are eligible to purchase it and that restrict its resale or other transfer; the income and other tax consequences of acquiring, holding and disposing of FinTech Coins tokens; and the other potential consequences of acquiring FinTech Coins token. Purchasers are required to carefully consider whether purchasing a FinTech Coins token is suitable to their business situation and goals. No person has been authorized to make any statement concerning Kleio Group Ltd. or the sale of the FinTech Coins tokens discussed herein other than as set forth in this Terms, and any such statements, if made, must NOT be relied upon.
Purchasers are required to make their own investigations and evaluations of the SAFT and the FinTech Coins tokens, including the merits and risks of a purchasing thereof. Prior to any purchase, purchasers have the opportunity to ask questions of and receive answers and additional information from Kleio Group Ltd. concerning the terms and conditions of this Offering and other relevant matters.
SAFT purchase amounts may be denominated in U.S. dollars ($) or digital assets, such as Ether, and purchasers may purchase FinTech Coins tokens for any currency such as U.S. dollars or may exchange Ether cryptocurrency or any other digital asset for FinTech Coins tokens pursuant to the SAFT.

4. Currencies and/or moneys are subject to fluctuation in the rate of exchange and, in the case of digital assets, the exchange valuations. Such fluctuations may have an adverse effect on the price or value of a SAFT or a FinTech Coins token if a purchaser decides to resell a FinTech Coins token at any point in the future. To prevent any speculation of FinTech Coins tokens, token purchasers agree to use the FinTech Coins tokens solely on the FinTech Coins System. Kleio Group Ltd. understands that it can not control the decision of how FinTech Coins token holders will use their FinTech Coins tokens once tokens are purchased and the holders come to possess the FinTech Coins tokens, as it will be their property, however, at least until the FinTech Coins tokens have vested and deposited on the token holder’s digital wallet, the Use Restriction as descried in SAFTs applies, at most the Use Restriction applies until Kleio Group Ltd. lifts the Use Restriction and advises token holders thereof as described in SAFTs. It is understood that the purpose of the Use Restriction is at least for ensuring that the Offering to purchase FinTech Coins tokens is not confused with being anything else than a sale of digital assets, i.e. a sale of goods, and that no other interest of purchasing the FinTech Coins tokens exists than that of using the FinTech Coins tokens on the FinTech Coins System solely for the purposes, which are limited by the services offered on the FinTech Coins System for traders and brokers.


Certain statements in this Terms constitute “forward-looking information” under applicable laws. Except for statements of historical fact, information contained herein constitutes forward-looking statements, including: 1. the completion of, and the use of proceeds from, the sale of the SAFTs; 2. the expected development of Kleio Group Ltd. business, projects, and/or joint ventures; 3. the projected performance of Kleio Group Ltd.; 4. the execution of Kleio Group Ltd. vision and strategy, including with respect to future global launch of the marketplace and the FinTech Coins System; 5. the sources and availability of third-party financing for Kleio Group Ltd.’s projects; 6. the completion of Kleio Group Ltd.’s projects that are currently underway, in development or otherwise under consideration; 7. Kleio Group Ltd.’s ability to launch a functional platform, which includes the related creation and issuance of FinTech Coins tokens and the associated economic value thereof; 8. renewal of Kleio Group Ltd.’s current customer, supplier, and other material agreements; and 9. the future liquidity, working capital, and capital requirements.
Forward looking statements can also be identified by words such as “can,” “expected,” “will” and other identifiers of non-historical events. Forward-looking statements are provided to allow potential purchasers of the SAFTs the opportunity to understand management’s beliefs and opinions in respect of the future.
Kleio Group Ltd. is a startup company with a product in development, and a purchase in SAFTs is inherently risky, to the best knowledge of Kleio Group Ltd. does not constitute investment and/or any known and accepted financial instrument, and is acquired solely for use on the FinTech Coins System and constitutes an acquisition of a digital good that will be created in the future. Any reference to SAFTs in terms that me be interpreted as an investment and/or any known and/or accepted financial instrument, such as a security for example, is inherently false and must be viewed an untruth and as misleading.
Forward looking statements are not guarantees of future performance, and undue reliance should not be placed on them. Such forward-looking statements necessarily involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause actual performance on Kleio Group Ltd. obligations, market projections and startup financial results in future periods to differ materially from any projections of future performance or result expressed or implied by such forward looking statements. Although forward-looking statements contained herein are based upon what management believes may be reasonable assumptions, forward-looking statements may prove to be inaccurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Kleio Group Ltd. undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements if circumstances or management’s estimates or opinions should change, except as required by applicable laws.


1. Kleio Group Ltd. is an independent marketplace with a smart contract depository, which records all trading and non-trading transactions in blockchain. FinTech Coins System is designed to become a standardized system for monitoring and resolving disputes between the trader and the broker and to eliminate the possibility of misuse of client funds. Blockchain technology provides a certain level of transparency to a chain of transactions and sometimes may provide certain level of pseudonymity to members of a network.

2. The FinTech Coins System will be able to record all trading and non-trading operations and/or transactions between brokers and traders that have been processed through its network. Analysing such historical data and links between operations and/or transactions may reduce the possibility of retroactive counterfeiting in operations and/or transactions and may provide a reliable tool to engage is resolution of disputes between traders and brokers.

3. Kleio Group Ltd. is not a hedge-fund. Kleio Group Ltd. does not access its trader’s funds. Trader’s funds are not transferred to any account belonging and/or controlled by Kleio Group Ltd., unless an escrow service is selected by the trader. The fact of using or not using the FinTech Coins System with any broker and/or on any exchange does not jeopardize and/or affect in anyway trader’s ownership and/or control of their funds.


1. FinTech Coins tokens are designed to be used solely to acquire access to the FinTech Coins System. No assurances can be given to any FinTech Coins token economics that may come to existence be outside of the FinTech Coins System. The detailed FinTech Coins token economics may be developed over the next several months to make sure there is a necessary balance between supply and demand for FinTech Coins tokens with the sole goal of providing most desirous individuals from the public with the possibility of acquiring access to the FinTech Coins System dispute resolution service, transaction and/or operations recording service and/or trading insurance service. The FinTech Coins tokens are issued solely to provide a payment tool within the FinTech Coins System, such an in-system currency. No assurances can be given that Kleio Group Ltd. will be successful in achieving a balance between supply and demand for FinTech Coins tokens.

2. Future holders of the FinTech Coins tokens will initially have access to three FinTech Coins System products, which are dispute resolution service, transaction and/or operations monitoring service, and trade insurance and/or escrow service. Each of those services will be paid for by the FinTech Coins tokens and a trader or a broker that registered within the FinTech Coins System will not be able to use any of the FinTech Coins System services for any other currency than FinTech Coins tokens. At least on a yearly basis, Kleio Group Ltd. management reserves the right to modify the cost of accessing the Kleio Group Ltd. services via the FinTech Coins tokens.

3. To maintain access to the FinTech Coins System services, it may be possible acquire additional FinTech Coins tokens directly from Kleio Group Ltd. or from other token holders. It may be possible to exchange FinTech Coins tokens with potential interested parties who may express a desire in acquiring thereof for any currency or any digital asset such as Ether on both publicly and privately held digital asset exchange platforms. Kleio Group Ltd. takes no responsibility, makes no warranties or representations as to the authenticity of FinTech Coins tokens acquired from other parties than Kleio Group Ltd..

4. FinTech Coins token is a utility token based on Ethereum ERC20 standard. Keys to FinTech Coins tokens may be stored in digital wallets on the FinTech Coins System, as well as in any Ethereum client.


1. At the time of the FinTech Coins tokens launch the FinTech Coins token are distributed to a crowd of persons and Kleio Group Ltd.’s goal is for the FinTech Coins System to have the following functionality (the “Minimum Viable Product”): FinTech Coins System the version 1.1 released. The version 1.1 having a custom developed blockchain capable of recording trader’s trading transactions with any connected broker accounts.

2. There may be S1, S2, S3 series of SAFTS that regulate the Offering of the totality of FinTech Coins tokens. Tokens may be acquired during times of Offering known as Rounds of Offering, particularly, each of the Rounds is regulated as follows: 1. during the Round One of the Token Offering, Tokens may be acquired solely pursuant SAFT S1; 1. SAFT S1 is an exchange of digital asset ETH for FinTech Coins token and will be held on November 15th, 2017. 2. SAFT S1 is a closed Offering to a limited number of individuals who have been personally invited to participate therein. 1. during the Round Two of the Token Offering, Tokens may be acquired solely pursuant SAFT S2; 1. SAFT S2 is an exchange of digital asset ETH for FinTech Coins token and will be held on November 15th, 2017. A discount may be offered for volume exchanges as indicated in SAFT S2. 2. SAFT S2 is an open crowd Offering to individuals who have been invited to participate therein. 1. during the Round Three of the Tokens Offering, Tokens may be acquired solely pursuant SAFT S3; 1. SAFT S3 is an exchange of digital asset ETH for FinTech Coins token and will be held after December 1st, 2017. A discount may be offered for volume exchanges as indicated in SAFT S3.

3. SAFT S3 is an open crowd Offering to individuals who have been invited to participate therein. Kleio Group Ltd. may at any time and without notice increase or decrease the number of Rounds of Offering of FinTech Coins tokens. Any of the Rounds of Offering may be a crowd Offering and each and every SAFT should be read carefully at each and every Round of Offering. Every SAFT is published on an individually assigned page or pages of the website https://FinTech Coins-financial.io, where the individually assigned page or pages pertain to a specific Round of Offering and a specific SAFT series. Anyone accepting to exchange FinTech Coins tokens at a crowd offering, the Offering being either closed or open, is permitted to do so solely after: reading, understanding and accepting the respective SAFT series applicable to that specific Round of Offering; and reading, understanding and accepting the present Token Acquisition Terms and Conditions.


I. The summary below describes the principal terms of the SAFTs and the rights to purchase FinTech Coins tokens contained therein. Certain of the terms and conditions described below are subject to important limitations and exceptions. Prospective purchasers should review the entirety of form of SAFT, available from Kleio Group Ltd.. The summary below is qualified in its entirety by reference to the actual text of the form of SAFT. Capitalized terms not defined herein will have the meaning ascribed to such term in the SAFT.

II. Kleio Group Ltd. Incorporated provides purchasers with an opportunity acquire a right to hold future FinTech Coins tokens pursuant to a SAFT agreed to by Kleio Group Ltd. and a purchaser.

III. Each Purchaser: 1. if in the United States, or a U.S. Person (as defined in Regulations under U.S. Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”)), must verify if the requirement of being an accredited investor (as defined in Regulation D under the Securities Act) is abstain from participating in current Offering, or 2. if outside of the United States, must be a non-U.S. Person who is not purchasing for the account or benefit of a U.S. Person (as defined under Regulation S under the Securities Act) and who is eligible to purchase SAFTs and FinTech Coins tokens under the applicable laws of the Purchaser’s jurisdiction, and must verify if the requirement of being an accredited investor in its jurisdiction is applicable thereto in view of the SAFTs, otherwise abstain from participating in current Offering.

IV. Purchase Price:

1. The price of 1 FTC = 0.0005 ETH. With the bonuses and discounts will be informed to customer from the website with its own Term and Condition.

2. The minimum purchase of FTC is 100 FTC/transaction.

3. If the value of the purchase amount is in legal money, that final value of the FinTech Coins token will be calculated in Ether according to the applicable exchange rate for Ether at the time of FinTech Coins token acquisition.

4. A significant portion of the proceeds of the Offering will be used by Kleio Group Ltd. to achieve a minimally viable FinTech Coins System, a decentralized computer analysis product employing the technology of blockchain. The management reserves the right to any portion of the proceeds as it seems fit to achieve the goal of minimally viable FinTech Coins System.

V. Termination: Kleio Group Ltd. obligations to purchasers following the SAFT agreements will terminate upon the earlier of 1. the FinTech Coins System launch; 2. December 31st, 2018 if the FinTech Coins System launch has not occurred by such date, provided that, Kleio Group Ltd. will have the right to extend by 180 (one hundred eighty) days in its sole discretion; or 3. the payment or setting aside of payment of amounts due to the creditors upon a Dissolution Event, which will include: 1. a voluntary termination of operations of Kleio Group Ltd., 2. a general assignment for the benefit of Kleio Group Ltd.’s creditors or 3. any other liquidation, dissolution or winding up of Kleio Group Ltd., whether voluntary or involuntary.

VI. Refunds of FinTech Coins tokens Purchases 1. In case of termination without FinTech Coins System launch, no assurances can be given that Kleio Group Ltd. will have funds to refund the FinTech Coins tokens to the purchasers. If, immediately prior to the consummation of the Dissolution Event, the assets of Kleio Group Ltd. that remain legally available for distribution to the creditors, as determined in good faith by Kleio Group Ltd. management, are insufficient to permit the refunding of the FinTech Coins tokens to the purchasers in the amount of their respective purchase amounts, then the remaining assets of Kleio Group Ltd. legally available for distribution will be distributed with equal priority and pro rata among the purchasers in proportion to the refunding of the purchase amounts they would otherwise be entitled to receive. 2. Purchase and sale of the rights will be on the terms and conditions set forth in the SAFT agreements, which are be prepared by Kleio Group Ltd., and which will contain certain representations, warranties and covenants of Kleio Group Ltd. and the purchasers and other provisions.

VII. Total number of FinTech Coins tokens 1. Total of 365,000,000 FinTech Coins tokens will be issued.


I. There are numerous risks involved in the development, maintenance and operation of Kleio Group Ltd. FinTech Coins System, many of which are beyond the control of Kleio Group Ltd.. You are required to consider carefully the risks described herein, in addition to other information publically available regarding the risks generally associated with digital assets and blockchain technologies, before deciding to use, purchase or hold FinTech Coins tokens.

II. The legal ability to provide FinTech Coins tokens and FinTech Coins System in some jurisdictions may be eliminated by future regulation or legal actions. In response to such action, SI may take actions that adversely impact you and the FinTech Coins tokens you hold, including: 1. ceasing operations or restricting access in certain jurisdictions, 2. adjusting FinTech Coins tokens and the FinTech Coins System in a way to comply with applicable rules and regulations, or 3. cease operations entirely.

III. Blockchain technologies may be subject to unfavourable regulatory actions. Blockchain technologies have been the subject of intense scrutiny by various regulatory bodies around the world. The functioning of the Ethereum network, associated blockchain networks, and FinTech Coins tokens may be adversely impacted by regulatory actions, including restrictions or prohibitions on their use, purchase, or possession. In addition, FinTech Coins tokens are expected to be based on the Ethereum blockchain, and FinTech Coins tokens are subject to risks related to regulatory inquiries or actions taken with regard to the Ethereum blockchain.
FinTech Coins tokens may be subject to malfunction or function in an unexpected or unintended manner. FinTech Coins tokens, and any network with which FinTech Coins tokens are interacting, may malfunction or function in an unexpected or unintended manner. This may be caused by the FinTech Coins token itself, the Ethereum protocol, other networks, or a number of other causes, some of which are unforeseeable. Any malfunction or unintended function could result in the complete loss of FinTech Coins tokens.
Loss of private keys may render FinTech Coins tokens worthless. If a private key is lost, destroyed or otherwise compromised and no backup of the private key is accessible, you will not be able to access the blockchain asset associated with the corresponding address, and FinTech Coins System will not be capable of restoring the private key. Any loss of private keys relating to digital wallets used to store blockchain assets could have an adverse effect on you, FinTech Coins tokens, and Kleio Group Ltd.. The Ethereum blockchain, which will be used for
FinTech Coins tokens are susceptible to mining attacks. The Ethereum blockchain, which will be used for FinTech Coins tokens, is susceptible to mining attacks, including double-spend attacks, majority mining power attacks, “selfish-mining” attacks, and race condition attacks, as well as other new forms of attack that may be created. Any successful attacks present a risk to FinTech Coins tokens, expected proper execution and sequencing of FinTech Coins tokens, and expected proper execution and sequencing of Ethereum contract computations in general. Mining attacks may also target other blockchain networks with which FinTech Coins tokens interact, which may consequently significantly impact FinTech Coins tokens. A lack of a central regulatory authority and structure and the global nature of digital assets and blockchain technologies limit legal remedies and recourses. Because there is a lack of a central regulatory authority and structure and due to the global nature of digital assets and blockchain technologies, you may have no legal remedies or recourse against Kleio Group Ltd., other users, holders, purchasers or sellers of FinTech Coins tokens, and any other person or entity that may interfere with Kleio Group Ltd., FinTech Coins tokens, or your digital wallet.
The SAFTs may not be transferred. The terms of the SAFT prohibit transfer of the SAFT. As a result, you will be required to hold your SAFT until the earlier of the FinTech Coins System launch and the delivery of all of the FinTech Coins tokens, or the termination of the SAFT pursuant to the provisions set forth therein. Consequently, you must be prepared to bear the risk of purchasing a FinTech Coins token pursuant a SAFT until the termination of the SAFT pursuant to the terms set forth therein. If legal exchanges or permissible transfers develop, they may be exposed to fraud or other criminal schemes. In the event the SAFTs do not convert into FinTech Coins tokens or there is no FinTech Coins System launch, you may not receive meaningful value for your purchase. FinTech Coins tokens and the FinTech Coins System, as may be developed, may not meet your expectations. The FinTech Coins System is currently under development and may undergo significant changes before release. Your expectations and market expectations regarding the form and functionality of the product and FinTech Coins tokens may not be met upon the deployment, if at all. If the FinTech Coins System does not meet market expectations then the value of the FinTech Coins tokens could be adversely affected. Kleio Group Ltd., FinTech Coins tokens, and the FinTech Coins System may be subject to security weaknesses, hackers and theft. Hackers or other groups or organizations may attempt to interfere with Kleio Group Ltd., FinTech Coins tokens, the FinTech Coins System and your digital wallet in any number of ways, including denial of service attacks, Sybil attacks, spoofing, smurfing, malware attacks, or consensus-based attacks. There is a risk that FinTech Coins tokens and the FinTech Coins System and technology infrastructure may include security weaknesses or bugs, which may interfere with the use, or cause the complete loss, of FinTech Coins tokens. Advances in cryptography may present risks to cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, Ethereum, FinTech Coins tokens, the FinTech Coins System and Kleio Group Ltd.’s technology infrastructure, which may result in the theft or complete loss of FinTech Coins tokens.
Kleio Group Ltd. is subject to privacy and data security laws. We anticipate that the FinTech Coins System will receive, transmit and store a large volume of personally identifiable information and other sensitive data. Federal, state, and foreign laws regulate the storing, sharing, use, disclosure and protection of such data. Any violations of these laws and regulations may require Kleio Group Ltd. to change its business practices or operational structure, address legal claims, and sustain monetary penalties and other harms to its business.
Security breaches or unauthorized access to personal information may also expose FinTech Coins token to liability related to the loss of the information, time-consuming and expensive litigation, and negative publicity. Because techniques used to obtain unauthorized access or to sabotage systems change frequently and generally are not recognized until after they are launched against a target, Kleio Group Ltd. may be unable to anticipate, detect, or adequately address them. In addition, certain jurisdictions have laws requiring companies to notify individuals of data security breaches involving their personal data. These mandatory disclosures are costly to implement and often lead to widespread negative publicity.
Kleio Group Ltd. may be required to disclose information about FinTech Coins token users, purchasers, and holders. Kleio Group Ltd. may be required by law, subpoena, or court order to disclose personal information received from Kleio Group Ltd. Token holders to law enforcement, government officials, and other third parties. Any such disclosure could have an adverse effect on the reputation or valuation of Kleio Group Ltd..
Smart contracts are subject to limitations. Smart contract technology is still in its early stages of development, and its application is experimental in nature. This carries significant operational, technological, regulatory, reputational, and financial risks. Smart contracts may not be fit for the purpose intended by Kleio Group Ltd. and may contain flaws, vulnerabilities, or other issues, which may cause technical problems or the complete loss of FinTech Coins tokens.
Kleio Group Ltd. has a limited operating history in an evolving industry that may not develop as expected. Assessing its business and future prospects is challenging in light of the risks and difficulties it may encounter. These risks and difficulties include Kleio Group Ltd.’s ability to: 1. navigate complex and evolving regulatory and competitive environments; 2. obtain and retain customers; 3. successfully maintain and evolve internal controls to manage compliance with an evolving and complex regulatory environment; 4. increase the effectiveness of its ability to identify market trends; 5. successfully develop and deploy the FinTech Coins System and new products; 6. successfully maintain its funding strategy; 7. favorably compete with other companies; 8. successfully navigate economic conditions and fluctuations in the market; 9. effectively manage the growth of its business; 10. successfully expand its business; 11. continue to develop, maintain and scale the Neuron Network; 12. effectively use limited personnel and technology resources; 13. effectively maintain and scale its financial and risk management controls and procedures; 14. maintain the security of its technology infrastructure and the confidentiality of the information provided and utilized across its technology infrastructure; and 15. attract, integrate, and retain qualified employees and contractors.
In its limited history Kleio Group Ltd. has operated at a loss, and it may never be profitable. Kleio Group Ltd. may require additional capital to support operations or the growth and may need to create and sell additional FinTech Coins tokens in the future. From time to time, Kleio Group Ltd. may need additional capital to operate or grow its business. Kleio Group Ltd.’ s ability to obtain additional capital will depend on investor and lender demand, operating performance, the condition of the capital markets, and other factors. Additional capital may not be available on favorable terms when required, or at all.


We offer the ftccoins.org website as a platform for the sales of token FTC for the development of FTC ecosystem and management services. You understand and accept that FinTech Coins does not guarantee that the use of the website will result in profit making.
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