[Financemagnates]FinTech Coins’ (FTC) Ecosystem Continues to Benefit Investors

FinTech Coins' ecosystem offers users one easy way to pay for transactions anytime and anywhere in the world[…]

New Partners For FinTech Coins (FTC)

We are glad to announce that KLEIO GROUP LTD and OCEAN DRAGON LTD are now our strategic partners […]

[ANN] Vietnamese has arrived at our website !

We are glad to announce that Vietnamese language is now available on our website […]


[Facts and Tips] What is Ethereum?

Ethereum (ETH) is a type of cryptocurrency commonly referred to as Bitcoin 2.0 […]

[Facts and Tips] What is ERC20 Token

ERC20 is short for "Ethereum Requetst For Coment." This technology is an innovation proposed by the experts that has been […]